The Japanese "RISOU(=ideal)"is the coined word that Amane Nishi (an enlightenment thinker) chose the kanji "think(=pursue)the logos(=truth) "as an equivalent of "the idea" in 1873. 
The theory of idea that Plato proposed said “the existence in the reality world is only an imitation of the idea world and the existence of the idea world is truth”.
In my solo exhibition of 2013,I thought about a new identity to overflow on SNS,and at that time the most interesting thing above all was the act that a person made up the figure which him(her)self think as an ideal,consciously and almost unconsciously.
Identity existing in virtual SNS. I started thinking the structure of the act in virtual SNS to pursue and build an ideal might be similar to the structure of " the idea". Thus,I'd like to think about “the acts of human being and their traces to pursue an ideal" ,not about "an ideal"itself.
Fixed highest grade ink jet prints(=archival print) for the prototype of the ideal,and I performed acts to bring close to the print with archival print in various approach by human manual works as possible, and assume the trace of the act a work. In this way,I inspected and considered the trace of the act to pursue the ideal.
ιδέα〜archival-print」(W594mm X H420mm)

took a picture of “ιδέα〜archival-print”, then posted on Facebook page“Hashtag_yukakotanaka”,and connected with internet and projected on terminal equipment
the view inside the wearable terminal 
The appreciator can only watch the work“ιδέα〜archival-print” at the picture posted on FB page via the wearable terminal equipment.
At the exhibition, I didn’t install the original print(archival print)=”the prototype of ιδέα”, so the appreciator can only watch the work “ιδέα〜archival-print” at the picture posted on FB page via the wearable terminal equipment(※1),and comparing 4 analog works displayed on a wall,and imagine ”the original print(archival print)=the prototype of ιδέα” from the trace of the analog work. 
Through an act of this appreciation,I'd like to make the appreciator consider about “the ideal”.
”ιδέα 〜 mesurement (reproducing of shape)”
Measuring the position and shape of the prototype"ιδέα〜archival print" in every 1mm by width and height, and reproduce the shape and the position at the same size method, the position based on the data.
”ιδέα〜 handmade paper (reproducing of paper material) “
Using 100% cotton same as highest grade paper to use in "archival print",and I made the tool to use by hand and ticked away cotton and making paper by hand.
With this work, I performed the approaches from a point of view called the reproduction of the paper material to "the prototype of ιδέα".
”ιδέα 〜 resolution (reproducing of 360dpi by pointillism)”
As the dpi standard of "archival print" is 360dpi, I replace the state that approximately 196 dot is gushed in 360 by 1mm sq. by stippled by hand.
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