Close encounters of the Existence (2019)
Cloud chamber provided by the National Museum of Nature and Science, Japan
4 Oct- 24 Nov    Partisan Artist Club @ Coventry Biennial 2019
7/5    CAPPER OUT -- RCA CAP 1st year student exhibition
5/20  Late Light 2019@ King’s College London, Anatomy Museum 
3/26  Princess of Wale Award 2018/19
    (Royal College of Art/Contemporary Art Practice)
<About Princess of Wale Award>
The Princess of Wales Scholarship, established in 1863, provides an award to a female student admitted to the Royal College of Art. The Fund was provided as a result of the exhibition of the wedding presents of the Prince and Princess of Wales in 1861.
Each year a Head of Programme is asked to nominate one of their best new female students. At present the award is £120, paid in two instalments at the beginning of each academic year.
3/20  Mvvo ART /AD ART SHOW 2019 参加決定 (5/1-5/4, New York)
3/13  SICF20 参加決定(C 日程 5/5-5/6, Tokyo)
1/17- 1/20  Royal College of Art,  Work in Progress Show
2/22   "STUDY LONDON" article published
   ~ The experience of Royal College of Art Summer School 2017
2/16   <Publication> "SUPER PLAYER 2"
     published by DESIGNERSBOOKS (Beijing) 
8/30   update Gallery 
8/30 update About
5/12-6/4 update News "Tshirts Complex 05" 参加

8/23 launched "eight days a week
6/11-7/10 update News "Tshirts Complex 04" 参加

2016/4- launched instagram "yukaco_tanaka_d.e._" 
2016/1- launched FBpage "Drawing Everyday/yukaco tanaka"

2015/10/30- 2016/2/12 Illustrative2015 会期延長決定!
10/30- 11/8 Illustrative2015 出展決定 
10/17-18 UNKNOWN ASIA 出展決定!

7/3-7/26 update News "Tshirts Complex 03" 参加

3/26 update Gallery    (TEDxShimizu 2015)
7/12-8/3 update News "Tshirts Complex 02" 参加月企画展のおしらせ/#more-5093
4/27 update Gallery (I AM THE NEW CREATIVE)

2/20-3/3 Desinger's product site "monoco"
11/9  Behance Japan Portfolio Reviews #04 The WACOM Prize

10/25 update Gallery (1st Solo Exhibition)
10/16 update Contact(#yukakotanaka)
8/3〜8/23 "Tshirts Complex 01" @PUNTO/みえる
7/3~7/31 Solo Exhibition @Gallery KISAI 
4/5 update Gallery/Breathing (Give a Type a Face)
1/12 Shop (in_between) Open!!

11/4 update Gallery/BAtoMA Interior Exhibition
@Laforet Museum Harajuku  (
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