Artist statement
"Existence" and "existing"
In recent years, the theme of my work have been focused on "existence" and "existing" also aimed to incorporate theories of philosophy and physics. Derived from "existence", my works also explore "absence", "invisible", and "inaudible". Furthermore, my research and artwork aim to translate the beauty of evidence in science into the fine art context and to conduct cross-disciplinary research in fields such as philosophy, physics, geometry, and biology. 
Science X Art X Philosophy
The reason for conducting cross-disciplinary research is that I believe various academic disciplines are connected by the common denominator of the underlying search for the truth of human beings, nature, and the universe. In ancient or medieval times, many scholars (e.g. Plato, Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, etc.) have conducted more cross-disciplinary research compared to modern academic research. For example, Plato is famous for advocating IDEA theory as a philosopher. Still, by adopting the IDEA theory, he put together the theories proved by mathematicians (Pythagoras, etc.) before him and completed the theorem of a regular polyhedron. Therefore, the regular polyhedron is also called "Plato solid". Since I’ve learned from this kind of fact, I have come to think more positively about incorporating cross-disciplinary research like biology, geometry, and physics into my work and translating them as artwork.  
Hypotheses and questions
    “If the cavity in a pyramid could be found by measuring the number of cosmic  rays that pass through matter, on the contrary, something with a mass (for     example, human hand) could be measured the number of cosmic rays that     pass through, the shape of hand could visualize by cosmic rays?."    
    "It takes unimaginable time to reach the radioactivity half-life of the components of radioactive waste, but how does humanity evolve during that time? Or is it more likely that humankind no longer exists at that time?   
    "Isn't it possible to express the structure of the IDEA theory by going back and forth between the virtual world of the net and real world?"   
    "Can we visualize sounds in the range that only animals can hear?" 
The process of my work always starts with hypotheses and questions. Since art has more margin than other disciplines, I believe that art can be a vessel that accepts disciplines in various fields flexibly. By combining scientific phenomena with artistic and philosophical questions, we might be able to examine nature, the universe, and provide a slightly different perspective than the answers elicited by science, and even predict and create the future.
(written/updated in July 2020)
- Tracing act -
The method and the theme of my works are focused on tracing of act. Human beings are continuously leaving traces of their acts as their proof of living as far as they live. In other words, it could be said that acts and traces emerge the person itself, and identity is formed by accumulation of traces.
- Art, Science and Philosophy -
I also adopt the theory of philosophy, physics, and geometry (such as Ideal, dimension, fractale, evolution) into the theme of my work. The reason why I deal with these theories is I think that all academic disciplines are linked by the truth of human and universe across the academic fields. In the ancient and previous academic studies, more cross-cutting researches took place compared from the current studies as represented by Leonardo da Vinci, Plato and Aristotle. For example, Plato is famous for the theory of IDEA in philosophy though, by utilising the theory of IDEA, he summarised the proofs for regular polyhedron in mathematics that the previous mathematicians, like Pythagoras, had constructed the proofs before. Therefore, the regular polyhedron was named as "Plato solid". Throughout these aspects, I have come to be interested in thinking about the truth of humans and the universe across the academic fields.
In addition, I'm thinking that art has a possibility to be a medium integrating those academic disciplines into one. From this point of view, I would like to think about the truth of humans and the universe through my themes.
(written in March, 2017)
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