Artist statement

- Tracing act -
The method and the theme of my works are focused on tracing of act. Human beings are continuously leaving traces of their acts as their proof of living as far as they live. In other words, it could be said that acts and traces emerge the person itself, and identity is formed by accumulation of traces.
- Art, Science and Philosophy -
I also adopt the theory of philosophy, physics, and geometry (such as Ideal, dimension, fractale, evolution) into the theme of my work. The reason why I deal with these theories is I think that all academic disciplines are linked by the truth of human and universe across the academic fields. In the ancient and previous academic studies, more cross-cutting researches took place compared from the current studies as represented by Leonardo da Vinci, Plato and Aristotle. For example, Plato is famous for the theory of IDEA in philosophy though, by utilising the theory of IDEA, he summarised the proofs for regular polyhedron in mathematics that the previous mathematicians, like Pythagoras, had constructed the proofs before. Therefore, the regular polyhedron was named as "Plato solid". Throughout these aspects, I have come to be interested in thinking about the truth of humans and the universe across the academic fields.
In addition, I'm thinking that art has a possibility to be a medium integrating those academic disciplines into one. From this point of view, I would like to think about the truth of humans and the universe through my themes.
(March, 2017)
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