Memory of Ghost
Gravitational waves are phenomena generated by collisions between black holes and neutron stars, and supernova explosions. When these occur, the accelerated masses release gravitational waves that may subsequently reach Earth, which means that these waves hold a space-time memory of dead stars in the past. 
In this work, I utilise the sound of gravitational waves that are half infrasound (inaudible) and represented as a performative ceremony. The work aims to visualise and appreciate the memory of a dead star. The audience only sees the water vibrating as a result of the half-inaudible sound/gravitational wave, and feels the waves created by the invisible gravitational wave, similar to those visible on the surface of pottery.
[Sound credit] 
LIGO/University of Oregon/Dr. Ben Farr
M Vallisneri et al. "The LIGO Open Science Center", proceedings of the 10th LISA Symposium, University of Florida, Gainesville, May 18-23, 2014; also arxiv:1410.4839

[Scientific supervisor] 
Dr. Fabio Iocco
Professor in Theoretical Physics and Mathematical Physics, Napoli Astroparticle group)Università di Napoli "Federico II", Italy. (previous institutions- till Jan 2020 /Imperial College London, Physics Department, Blackett Laboratory, till August 2019/ International Center for Theoretical Physics-South American Institute for Fundamental Physics, São Paulo, Brazil.)
Dr. José Eliel Camargo-Molina
Research Associate, Imperial College London
Co-director Art & Science Initiative
Dr. Simon Foster (Solar-terrestrial Physicist)
Department of Physics / Imperial College London

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