Memory of Ghosts~ Three-channel performance recorded at Daiwa anGlo-Japanese Foundation
Performed by Timothy Cape and Katrine Skovsgaard
 <The memory of the dead star>
Gravitational waves are phenomena generated by collisions between black holes and neutron stars, and supernova explosions. The phenomenon had already been predicted by the general theory of relativity proposed by Einstein in 1916, but the first direct direction of gravitational waves took place on14th Sep, 2015, in the LIGO project jointly developed by MIT and Caltech. When the phenomenon occurs, the accelerated masses release gravitational waves that may subsequently reach Earth, which means that these waves hold a space-time memory of dead stars in the past.The aim of the work is to visualize and appreciate the memory of a dead star.

<The inaudible sound>
The audience only sees the water vibrating as a result of the half-inaudible sound/gravitational wave, and feels the waves created by the invisible gravitational wave, similar to those visible on the surface of the pottery. In addition, there is an anecdote that infrasound was used as a method to detect ghosts in the past. This narrative is also tied to the way gravitational waves convey the memory of dead stars and became the title of the work – Memory of Ghosts

<The site-responsive performance>
Nov and Dec 2021: London Grads Now.21 @Saatchi gallery Late
Dec 2021/Jan 2022: Solo exhibition "Fluctuating Fluctuations; now=then here=elsewhere"
                                 @Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation

<Sound credit>
Music Credit; Meydän "Away"

Performance at Solo exhibition "Fluctuating Fluctuations; now=then here=elsewhere" , Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation
Performance at London Grads Now. 21, Saatchi Late

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