Royal College of Art  Summer School Fine Art (17 Jul - 4 Aug)

"the traces for three weeks"
 In Summer School, I focused on three-weeks period and studio production in London, not what I had set up beforehand. And I put an importance on studio work, production based on group crit with tutors and classmates, and the study for expanding possibilities of my themes.
 For several years, I've focused on " trace of act (mainly on Social Media Platform)"as theme, however at this time, I focused on "trace of act" itself and expanded the way to express . And I also tried to output the artworks posted on the virtual world in the digital ways into the real world as analog works (like studio works and installation).
“on the floor” 
(size : W400cm X H350cm / medium : drawing paper)
 In this work, I expressed "space-time of the act" that is temporal axes and the space axes of the studio work.
 I covered the floor of my studio with drawing papers, and recorded the traces of acts of myself and classmates. As the studio opened from 10:00 am. to 10:00 pm, I stayed there as possible and tried to leave traces made by production at studio,communication with my classmates, and the meals.
"the traces of the movements"
(size : one group of sheets W30cm X H42cm / medium : transparent plastic sheets, thread, pen)
 In this work, I recorded all of my movements for three weeks in London in accordance with space-time axes, and drew the traces on the transparent plastic sheets and embroidered them.
 I recorded one action from the initial to terminal point on one sheet, and laid over each sheet for one-day movement (several pieces for one day).
 At the Group Show, I installed the traces of movements for 7days from this project.
 From the 2nd day of Summer School, I launched Facebook page “The trace” and posted the traces that I found in daily life.
 I posted these pictures as a study for trace itself, and a study to know what I was recognizing as a trace, and to expand the method of production about trace of act in the future. And through those posting, the following work came out.
“smell of absence” 
(size : one canister ∅3cm X H12.5cm / medium : air (smell), spray canister )
 When I started posting on Facebook page “The trace”, I mainly recognized that trace is a result of act. However, once when I was at the station, the train had alredy gone and no one was in the yard, however,I noticed that the smell of people was left over and still remained as their trace. Since then, I started thinking about the aspect of "absence" on the trace.
 In this work, everyday I stayed in the studio as possible, and at the end of the day, I gathered the smell (that layered in the studio) into a spray canister as the trace of my stay in the studio.And the function of the spray container emphasize the constitution of smell, and to labeled by date emphasize the space-time constitution.

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