Subjective Error
“Why is genome editing (mainly in humans) needed? “

The work explores the issue surrounding genome editing. The basis of this need is the subjective desire to "want to be better" by regarding the difference from others and the dissociation from the ideal as an "error" from a subjective point of view. Furthermore, those individuals' recognition may have a perspective that leads not only to problems related to genome editing but also to diversity and the desire for plastic surgery. In this work, genetic code is used, and the recognition of "error" based on this individual's point of view is incorporated into the work from the point of view of "programming error".
[Scientific adviser]
Dr Hideo Iwasaki
(Biologist, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Bioscience at Waseda University/ Director of metaPhorest -- biological art and bioaesthetics platform)

[Lecture series at gallery fu in 2021]
-Kouichi Tanokura - Poet
-Dr Masataka Watanabe - Neuroscientist
-Dr Masashi Onodera - Director, Gene and Cell Therapy Promotion Center at National     Center for Child Health and Development
-Dr Hideo Iwasaki - Biologist at Tokyo University
2022.10.12-11.18 White Conduit Project (London)
2022.5.24-6.5  gallery fu

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