About the theory of ιδέα(IDEA), Plato said that the existence in real world is only an imitation of “idea world” and the existence of the idea world is truth.
 In solo exhibition (2013), I thought about identities that overflow on Social Media Platform (like Facebook), and thought that they were slight different from the identity existing in real world. At that time, the most interesting thing above all for me was the acts that people consciously and almost unconsciously made up their figures which they thought as an ideal.
 Since then, I started thinking about the structure of the act on Social Media Platform to pursue and build up their ideal might be similar to the structure of " idea world ".  Thus, in this artwork, I think about “the acts of human being and their traces to pursue an ideal", not about "ideal" itself.

I made the highest quality ink jet prints ”archival print” as a prototype of “ιδέα”, and produced four analog works in various approach by hand to be the same style of the archival print (prototype of “ιδέα”) as possible, and regarded these traces (results) of act as artworks and inspected and considered the traces of act to pursue the ideal.

About archival print
Archival print is the highest quality ink jet print. Compared with the digray print, the durable of ink is long term (archival : 50-100years /digray : 3-4 years). And the paper is also the highest quality (100% cotton /non-wood / non-acidity / bleach non-use), called Max paper 365 g. Therefore, I placed this archival print as "ιδέα"(=the prototype of four analog works).
took a picture of “ιδέα〜archival-print”, then posted on FBpage“#yukakotanaka”,and connected with net and projected on wearable equipment(※1)
(※1) the view inside of the wearable equipment. The appreciator can only watch “ιδέα~archival-print” on Facebook via the wearable equipment.
 At the exhibition, I didn’t install the original print of archival print=”prototype of ιδέα”, and the appreciator can only see “ιδέα~archival-print” at the picture on Facebook viathe wearable terminal equipment,and comparing four analog works installed on the wall, and imagine  “ιδέα~archival-print” from the traces of four analog works. 
 Through the act of appreciation, appreciators experience “the structure of ιδέα (ideal)”.

ιδέα 〜 measurement (reproducing the shape of the typographic)”
 Measured the position and the shape of "ιδέα ~ archival print" in every 1mm by width and height, and redrew its shape in the same way.
ιδέα〜 handmade paper (reproducing of paper material) “
  Using the same ingredient (100% cotton) as “ιδέα ~archival-print”, and made this paper all by hand, also I made tools for making paper. In this work, I performed to reproduce the paper of “ιδέα~archival-print”.
ιδέα 〜 resolution (reproducing of 360dpi by pointillism)”
 As the dpi standard of archival print is 360dpi, and approximately 196 dots were gushed in 360dpi by 1mm sq. Therefore, I replaced and depicted this state of gush by stippled by hand.

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