Drawing Everyday/Yukako Tanaka

In this page, I post everyday drawings and install these acts of drawing as trace of acts.
2016.1.10 "the cover of FBpage"
2016.12.29. “feel safe”
2016.8.11. “so obsessed (about triangle)”
2016.5.8. “round and round and round,and melted like butter at last”
2016.4.11. “shaken my heart violently”
2016.6.14. “hold tight”
2016.1.21. “untitled”
2016.10.03. "I've been thinking about THE RIBBON these days"
2016.1.15  "The moment of birth"
2016.1.22. “malus”
2016.1.26. “malus2”
2016.5.10. “feel safe”
2016.5.17. “I thought about ”surreal” today”
2016.6.1. "about unfractale"
2016.7.27. "These are a few of my favorite things"
2016.5.3. "untitled"
2016.4.5. “always thinking about triangle”
2016.4.13./4.15. "everything is divided into triangles"
2016.6.3. "always thinking about the triangle"
2016.6.4. "always thinking about the triangle"
2016.6.6. "always thinking about the triangle"
2016.7.24. "偶然△必然"
・connect point + point = line
・connect three lines = triangle
・unite four triangles = tetrahedron
2016.3.31. “circulation”
2016.01.12."for profile image"
2016.5.22.(2015) "THE bag (ongoing)"
2016.4.13. "ARCHIVING (study for sculpture)"
2016.5.19. "pulse"
2016.3.17 "The collateral damage"

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