In 2013, during the solo exhibition "#yukakotanaka", I launched Facebook page "#yukakotanaka (Hashtag yukakotanaka)", and posted almost all of my acts I took (except a sleeping time) attached “#(Hashtag)” from July 3. to July 31.
 In this page, by posting all my acts in real time as possible, I’d like to make lose boundary between Social Media Platform and real world, and install this page as " trace of acts".
 In addition, I updated for the second time from 3 November to 4 December in 2013, and the third time in June 2017.

Statement (2013/07)
 Identity on Social Media Platform is almost myself, but not myself strictly. Because of the spread of Social Media Platform, "another selves" overflow on net.
 It is impossible to post all of one's acts on net. Therefore, the existence on Social Media Platform is a slight different from the real world, so another self exist there. Even if the account has a real name, the existence on Social Media Platform is impossible to present all of it's identity, so another self exist there.
 Getting more anonymous(like twitter), the essence and the bare truth are exposed and revealed. Conversely, being the real name, it tends to be highly controlled and covered skillfully their character. In other words, Being anonymous gets closer to the essence, and a real name makes fade away from the essence. This is performed unconsciously and consciously in every accounts on Social Media Platform.

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