theory of evolution 
 It will take from 20 million years to 150 million years that the long-term half-life radioactive materials of high-level atomic wastes will reach their half-life. On the other hand, it was approximately 5 million years ago that human diverged from chimpanzee, and 250,000 years ago that Homo sapiens appeared. Thus it takes several hundred times that radioactive materials will reach in half-life in future.
 Therefore, when we think about the human evolution in the viewpoint of this endless time-axis, we may reflect on our own stupidity how enormous and harmful radioactive we have generated in a short time.
※This work was planned in 2014, therefore, all data was based on the research in 2014.
Installation image
 A mossed vitrified radioactive waste (high level radioactive wastes) placed in the center becomes the symbol of long-term axis of evolution. And the seven portraits of human beings that accomplished evolution in the future are installed surrounding the mossed radioactive waste.
"the mossed vitrified radioactive waste"
About the vitrified radioactive waste  
 The vitrified radioactive wastes is the material that dissolved and mixed with the high-level radioactive waste (which was generated in a process of reprocessing spent nuclear fuel) and the glass in a high temperature.  
 In Japan, It has already decided that they are kept freezing for about 30 to 50 years, then disposed in the stratum of 300m below ground for the next tens of thousands of years.
 However, there still remain a lot of problems piled up for the super long-term safe-keeping, like the safety from the viewpoint of geology and stratum, the selection of the final disposal place etc...
 There is a theory that human being acquired our intelligence in exchange for hair in the process of evolution.
 In the future,when we will face to the crisis of the survival (like glacial era), human being might abandon the intelligence and bring back "hair" again to protect oueselves.
"Underwater life"
"Underwater life"
 Because of the global warming advances, there is a report that the sea level rise in 32cm more by 2050.  In the islands of the South Pacific, there are countries and the area that are buried in water in the near future (Tuvalu, Marshall Islands, Maldives, Venice), and then human being will be forced to the underwater life.
 After 3.11, a study of the radiological adsorption and removal using the plant is pushed forward rapidly in various fields. In current genetic engineering advances, the techniques to recombine and mate a plant and human being might be enabled to disintegrate radioactive material and the pollutant adsorption in cell level.
"Enlargement of the brain"
 As a style of the evolution including the degeneration, the brain which is essential to the continuation of life will be enlarged, and the body below the neck will become only the parts to support brain. And some unnecessary organs might follow a course of degeneration.
 The electronics accomplishes remarkable development in a short term, and it is said that the technique to digitize the information of the brain is devised in the recent study. 
 In near future, the human brain will be digitized as a data and it makes possible to obtain immortality.
 "humanoid robot"
 "humanoid robot"
 By the development of the recent robotics, the humanoid closely resembled the shape of human being with skin and the body. Therefore this current shape of humanoid might be inherited as a model of the humanoid robots in the history of the future artificial intelligence. As a result, in the future, when the human will evolve their shapes remarkably, it might be possibile to have the come-from-behind phenomenon that this type of humanoid robot will be the only one that remain the shape of the human being in present. 

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