“Consciousness ~ Hi. How are you? I’m fine”
"Hi. How are you?" "I'm fine" is an everyday greeting. We usually say 'fine' even if we are never in a 'fine' condition, half-forced.
In this work, as a social experiment, creating a specific situation/environment (a situation where the same phrase had to be forcibly said). Then, by observing the process, reconsider how does emotion generate in mind and how ‘consciousness’ is imprinted and formed inside ourselves unconsciously. Also, examining and considering the emotions inherent under the consciousness elicited by forced repetition and imprinting and how those emotions lead to the formation of a specific 'consciousness'.
“Consciousness ~ the word, ‘Minor’ ”
Those who are called 'majority' can sometimes become 'minority' in the majority of minorities. For example, in current society globalized by the Internet, a minority can become a majority with power as a movement. It is also possible that the opposite situation occurs.
In this work, rather than thinking of 'minority' as categorized as a broad framework, by reviewing the consciousness and emotions of 'minor' in individual, I would like to think about the meaning of the word 'minor' and where the consciousness of minor starts, and examine how it will lead to the formation of consciousness of 'minority'.

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