"Consciousness" (2020)
Consciousness ~ Hi, How are you? I’m fine (2020)

"Hi. How are you?" "I'm fine" is an everyday greeting. We usually say 'fine', half-forced, even if we are not in a 'fine' condition half-forced.
In this work, as a social experiment, creating a specific situation and environment (like a situation where the same phrase had to be forcibly said); then, by observing the process, we examine the emotions inherent under the consciousness elicited by forced repetition and imprinting, also how those emotions lead to the formation of a specific ''consciousness.''
Consciousness ~ the word, “Minor” (2020)
Those who are called 'majority' can sometimes become 'minority' in the majority of minorities. For example, in current society globalized by the Internet, a minority can become a majority with power as a movement.
In this work, rather than thinking of 'minority' as categorized as a broad framework, by reviewing the consciousness and emotions of 'minor' in individual, I would like to think about the meaning of the word 'minor' and where the consciousness of minor starts, then examine how it will lead to the formation of consciousness of 'minority'.
*This is a work in progress, and I'm planning to interview with a few more people.
Furthermore, this work was planned since 2018, shot in December 2019, edited in January 2020. Therefore, it was not produced under the influence of BLM and BAME movement. This work reflects what I felt when I was in Japan before I entered the university in the UK and what I felt from my position and situation after coming to London.
In the future I would like to develop this work as a performance or a performative workshop.

Arjun Appadulai. ”Fear of small numbers”

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