Being in absence
Solo exhibition "Fluctuation Fluctuations: now=then here=elsewhere"
at Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation

Voice performed by
Arthur Larsenby Liberty: Toby Tobias
Emma Louise Liberty: Adele Lazzeri
Installation view
The work utilizes a narrow-range speaker, which generates linear sound and constructs a mechanism to sense an invisible existence by sound and examines the context of “existence within the absence”. Multiple parametric speakers will be installed at the venue. When the audience sits in a particular place or passes through a specific point, they can hear conversation and sound related to the venue's locational and historical context. Then, they sense as if someone, invisible existence or people passed away are talking to them.There is an anecdote that the Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation building (Corn wall Terrase) was previously designated as a residence by Liberty founder Arthur Lasen Liberty from 1885 to1893. By reviving past anecdotes related to the building as sound/conversation, including Liberty’s narrative, The work  examine existence in absence by building a mechanism that allows the audience to sense the breathing of previous living as a being.
Arthur Larsenby Liberty and Cornwall Terrace
The Cornwall Terrace, home to the Daiwa Japan Gallery, was designed by Decimus Burton in 1820 under the guidance of court year planner John Nash. From 1885 to 1893. Address 13 was the mansion of Sir Arthur Liberty (1843-1917). Liberty & Co dealt with a lot of oriental goods, including Japan when it was first founded around 1875, and during the eight years that Arthur Liberty lived on the Cornwall Terrace, Those years were a transitional period from the time when Liberty & Co was opened to produce colorful prints using Art Nouveau and collaborate with William Morris, which is synonymous period of Liberty & Co.According those narratives, this work recreate the situation where the conversation of Arthur Liberty and his wife, Emmacan seems like havung conversations and breathing as if the ghosts are still being in the Cornwall Terrase.

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